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Radio interview June 2016  2UE Sydney



I have given an enormous amount of energy to the cause of ‘excessive force’ . It was of course inevitable supporting others to hold the people accountable that abused their power was not going to be sugar and spice and all things nice. And of course the resistance is to be expected. However,  what I say is a breach of my personal privacy as a result is unacceptable.

The media have used old swimwear modellling photos from 20 years ago, which I guess is what gave the story momentum this week. And an interesting message from a lady was asked on my facebook page, that I’d be happy to address here

“Renee how can you feel your privacy is violated or has been breached when there are photos of you modelling in swimwear and lingerie ” ?

Great question!    ( name witheld)  Could I answer that for you right here ?

Firstly photo shoots from 20 years ago are nothing to do with the point . However, it would see the fact is that’s apparently what sells newspapers. If they have used old photos to push a very real and serious topic, so be it . Why would I care ?

Choosing to Model 20 years ago doesn’t mean people can unlawfully access your private details in a ‘free for all’ (such as your address)   Then or now .

Choosing to model in the past does not say you asked for your privacy to be violated. Anymore than a women in a short skirt was ‘asking for it’ if sexually assaulted.
Photos are taken in a controlled environment
with your permission.

In fact now that I’ve hit 40 and battle the buldge like many mums ! I think the pictures are just gorgeous, and I am proud of them. At first I was cringing but then I thought, you know what? It was a part of my life, just like anyone else, there are different stages we all go through. That was my swimsuit model phase. And it has now been the angle that has been taken to shine a light on a very important subject, so be it.

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May 27 2016 – Rick Flori ordered to stand trial


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Sgt Rick Flori’s matter gets set down to argue ‘no case to answer’ – May 20, 2016

Outside Southport Court,  Sgt Flori makes a significant comment about alleged Corruption.


Renee and Rick Court

Renee Eaves/Rick Flori

rick recent hearing


Lawyer Kris Jahnke – Support Renee Eaves – Accused Rick Flori


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Violent Surfers Paradise Police Arrest  – Valentines Day Arrest goes viral.

Viewed over 3million times

Paul Tupu Folasa pleaded  “Not Guilty”


Paul Tupu Folasa with Renee Eaves





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^Arriving to court with Sgt Rick Flori – Gold Coast Police officer charged criminally with giving footage of a police brutality video to the media – 2015


Survivor of DV – Rachael Moore had her arm shot off in an horrific attack. She has 5 children and is now up to her 20th operation.

Renee & Rachael at a fundraiser ❤️



December 2015  – Police Brutality Victim – Magistrate orders arresting officer to pay costs –

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Ray Currier – Victim of Police Brutality attends court to support another recent case

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Ray Currier – The grandad allegedly bashed by police Australia Day



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imagerenee sunday mail human rights award nom


Abc Radio Interview September 2015 – Segment “Who are you” –


Officer Sgt Rick Flori  Matter :  Court Appearance 9 am, 8 October 2015

Alledged Police Brutality Matter: Kristian Peru –  Southport Court 1 December 2015 @ 9.30am
, 2015


Sergeant Rick Flori – Accused of giving footage of the Noa Begic bashing to the media.  Sgt Flori has been charged with Misconduct. Set to appear Southport Court July 15 2015



June 20 2015 –    New Footage shown by Channel 7  of Noa Begic in the moments prior to his arrest. His behaviour contradicting previous Police Statements.


Renee’s topics 2014 include

John Tyson becomes homeless after losing his wife and child in the Toowoomba floods. Over 400 million dollars was donated to the appeal yet John did not receive a cent.
Click here please give generously.

Rachael Moore – Domestic Violence Survivor.

Rachael had her arm all but shot off, she is a single mother of 5 amazing brave children. One of Rachael’s children Cameron Caulfield featured in Renee’s award winning short film “Driven by love” about single Mum’s and the challenges some face. Not long after filming,  Rachael was on life support fighting for her life.

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**Noa Begic privately reaching an out of court settlement after being badly assaulted and unlawfully arrested in 2012 by a number of police. Some of them have gone on to be promoted.

Payment cuts to single parent families causing 1 in 4 family to be living below the poverty line, instigates a short film written by Renee to bring awareness to the daily struggles the majority of single mothers face.

Driven by love

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/etNqFaC3A8s?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


John Tyson has been campaigning for his Son Jordan Rice to receive the “Cross of Valour bravery award”, after his son insisted his brother Blake was to be saved first in the 2011 Qld Floods.  John’s wife Donna and son Jordan lost their life on that day. Since then John has created the largest petition for change in Australian history with over 300,000 however still no award.  Please support this award by clicking here.


Renee interviews John Tyson about why the award has not been forthcoming. In a sit down interview John finally opens up about what he believes  went on behind the scenes. The details will leave you stunned. An alleged  police cover up and it’s worst.



** Noa Begic successfully reaches a private settlement with QPS.  July 2014 – 

Some officers included in the assault have since been promoted. The officer that leaked the footage of the bashing to the media has allegedly been charged/disciplined.

Pitch for film – TBA


Appearing Live at Mind Body Spirit – Brisbane Qld Australia





Full day Workshop Rossalyn Bay Resort Yepoon Qld Australia   

Fall down 7 Stand up 8  — How to weather life’s fiercest storms

2014 AACTA awards – Sydney Australia


Renee is available for referral consultaion. For more info click here


March 2013    The film about Renee’s story gets the green light..


 June 2012          Noa Begic’s Charges dropped

In a court appearance at Southport on Friday morning police officially dropped all charges.Police prosecutors  told the court the

charges were dropped at the insistence of the commissioner’s office. Mr Begic has taken steps to launch a civil suit against the

Queensland Police Service over his alleged bashing.Two police officers were stood-down on Thursday over the matter.










Renee spoke with the media outside court, Explaining  that she was gratefull  that a Policeman had taken the liberty of sharing vision with the media of an incident that  he obviously thought was not acceptable.  She said it was her view that certain Police Officers had taken an innocent man off the street, and decided to use him as a “Human punching bag in their Friday night fight club”. She was looking forward to the public one day seeing the incident in its entirety.