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Renee Eaves has led what some might say a very interesting life thus far, a life that at times may have looked pretty glamourous to some.

The former winner of “Miss Bikini World” title  travelled in a Burlesque-style dance show that she produced, rubbing shoulders with some really amazing people along the way.

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Later on, however, these highs were matched by extreme personal lows. Soon to be the basis for a feature film, the story is reference to a 2011 court case              ( research it online if justice is your thing)  ” Eaves vs Donnelly &  The State of QLD” Think legally blonde meets Erin Brockovich.

Highly intuitive since around the age of five, Renee explains that her strong intuition is as natural to her as sight or touch is to most.  She credits this natural-born ability as being instrumental in assisting her when she became the first Australian woman to self-represent and successfully take legal action against the Queensland Police Service in the 2011 case.

Renee says she had an underlining ‘knowing’ that she was doing the right thing for not only herself, but for others, by setting a legal precedent. Her determination came from knowing that if she was successful, it would most certainly help many other people that might walk a similar road that she had, in the future.

That story in short was that absent any reason or warrant, a police officer that had fixated on Renee had entered Renee’s home while she was pregnant, he handcuffed her and made driving allegations she was later found innocent of.

It soon occurred to her that the cards were stacked against her, and she was essentially fighting an unlimited cheque book. Like litigation against any large Corporation or Government, the matter would be dragged out for so long, that even if she was successful, it was unlikely that any potential compensation would even cover her legal fees.

In 2011, at the last minute and just before the matter proceeded to a week long trial, Renee’s legal team opted out after her file was deemed  “not commercially viable”  to proceed.

The officer in question had previously been demoted, but still remained in the service even after a mass protest. This was over him being involved in dumping some young indigenous children in the bush. That story was later told in Colin Dillon’s book Code of Silence, and was named by the media ‘The Pinkenba Six Incident’.  Anyone that followed the case agreed those children never had a chance at justice, and therefor they were another motivating factor for Renee to make a mark of her own with what she had experienced personally with this same officer.

Hanging up the dancing shoes leaving a life of sequins behind Renee decided to see the litigation through herself.

In a David-and-Goliath-style quest for justice, this inspirational single mummy embarked on a self taught legal crash course of sorts, in her very own living room.

Renee was determined to prove that despite the very obvious obstacles in her way with not only regard to the complexities of law, but her life in general at that time, it is possible to win.  But first, she says  you have to learn how to let go of the need to win!

Renee successfully represented herself against Australia’s top legal counsel. She says without doubt that it was that all important ‘gut feeling’ that led her to victory.


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The silver lining  to this incident Renee says, is that it instigated so much growth  in her as a person”,  so for that  -how can I not be grateful, and willing to share the tools I gained during a time of extreme fear and hardship?

“I really believe you must always go to the eye of the storm to survive, if you cannot find inner peace whilst the storm is ripping through your life, they will win” When I say they, I mean anyone or thing attempting to drag you down.

In a twist of fate and following her own matter, Renee ended up supporting Police Officer Rick Flori through a lengthy court case after he leaked a video of an innocent man being bashed by other police (the infamous Surfers Paradise basement video). In 2018 a jury found Rick Flori not guilty.




Renee with Rick Flori, Kris Jahkne, and Saul Holt QC.

A gifted counsellor, speaker, advocate, and media commentator,  Renee is particularly passionate about sharing no-nonsense practical insight on how to put one foot in front of the other when life becomes personally challenging.

In 2018 Renee plans to release a 30 day pick yourself back up course. A fast track for anyone that wants that extra support if they are  being confronted with a number of challenges collectively.


If you are interested in having Renee speak please email renee@reneeeaves.com